over the weekend...

I meant to post this on Monday, or at the very least, Tuesday, but time has just slipped away from me this week! 

Here are a few peeks of how we spent last weekend...

Admiring my little getting big baby belly
Coloring outside (yay for sunshine!)
Getting new Legos- he literally played with them the entire day
Afternoon naps for mama
Getting to catch up with a dear friend on the phone
Helping Daddy make pancakes for dinner
Knitting projects for the baby
Zucchini muffins
Practicing writing his name
Convicting sermon at church
Date night with my husband-Costco, Target, and Mexican food. It was perfect. 

Such a lovely weekend.

(For more peeks, see my Ten on Ten from Saturday!)

P.S. Thank you so much for all the sweet comments on my last post. It is so special to be able to share my joy with all of you! 


  1. i see 'Share the Table' peeking out in the last pic. Love the snapshots into your life & love that Nikki McClure too.

  2. Love all of the pictures...
    Geesh, your baby is WOW, I didn't expect so much yet!
    Elliot looks like he is in Heaven with all the Lego stuff, and....
    Miss Audrey, she is just getting SO grown up! Love the note on the easel.

  3. Andi, this is such a fun post. I love your baby belly!! And mine is quite big too. :) I love the set-up in the basement...looks like the kids had such a fun time. I can't believe how much Audrey is growing up. I love the picture she drew for you. That is so sweet.

  4. Oh-my! The wooden blocks/Fisher Price/Lego s-p-r-a-w-l creation is SO reminiscent of ones done by Erik and Amy!

  5. Happy kids, beautiful mama! What are you knitting?

  6. Your joy & love is palpable sweet Friend! I miss you & wish we lived close - my life is definitely richer for knowing you & I utterly adore your posts & your amazing heart shared through the blog... love to you all!!!

  7. oh love your tum. Did you know that? I do.

    This is where I turn into a weird old aunt bee.. and squeal, and just want to pinch all your cheeks....

    alright dearie. :)