Ten on Ten :: March 2012

10:32am- The weather has been feeling so much like spring around here lately! I love it.

11:35am- It was a legwarmer kind of day.

12:41pm- Leftover spaghetti for lunch.

1:25pm- New Legos make the kids super happy!

2:27pm- An afternoon nap was just what this mama needed.

3:44pm- Wondered why I waited all day to have a cup of tea. It certainly hit the spot.

...Worked on catching up on emails + talked to a sweet friend on the phone. Forgot to take pictures...

6:26pm- Audrey helping Daddy make pancakes for dinner.

7:23pm- Elliot in the bath

8:24pm- Made muffins for Sunday morning breakfast

9:09pm- Looked at a favorite old book. Does anyone else have this gem from IKEA?

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  1. The back of the head in the tub is my favorite. Love those SPRING letters, too. I would love to look through that IKEA book; it looks splendid.

  2. Love the shot of the cup on the windowsill.

  3. Lovely photos of your day. It does look like a beautiful, ordinary day- great name for your blog. Love the Spring letters & the light in that photo & the B&W shots of your kids.

  4. Lovely insight into your day, we love IKEA here too!

  5. SO nice to see another post from you...it's been too long!!

  6. love, love, love your slippers!

  7. I was just thinking yesterday how much I miss you! Audrey looks so grown up in that pancake picture! Also, I love your nightstand.

  8. I love the spring lettering (art?) in the first photo. It reminds me of something by Katie Daisy. Anyway, just wanted to say that I love your set!