july 1

01. On a walk, hoping to get labor going. The sky was so pretty today!

02. At the park after my walk. A little #SheReadsTruth, day 7. James 4:13-15- remembering to trust God with today and tomorrow...just what I needed to hear as I not so patiently wait for labor to start...

03. Okay, seriously. When did this girl get so old? Riding a two-wheeler, missing teeth, bringing a chapter book everywhere she goes...time, please please please slow down...

04. His nesting is starting to kind of stress me out. No joke, tonight he climbed up a tree in our yard + started sawing off dead branches! Love him so much + appreciate his hard work, but the timing is kind of cracking me up!


  1. Is that a Rainbow Magic book in her bike basket?! Very popular! And you look fantastic. Thinking of you and your sweet Eliza!

  2. Amanda, yes! It is! I had never heard of them before, but our librarian recommended them as a good easy chapter book for girls and Audrey LOVES them! She just finished her very first one the other day and is obsessed with fairies right now and building fairy houses :)

  3. I had to smile at Erik's nesting stressing you out. Mike does the same thing to me. I try to smile and just go with it, but gosh darn, it's hard some times! Thinking of you and waiting for little Miss E. right along with you!