Ten on Ten :: January

8:12am- My unmade bed. Notice the enormous stack of books on my nightstand? That drives my husband crazy! I just can't help myself; I am always reading multiple books at the same time.

9:19am- A good reminder posted on a wall I walk by a million times a day.

10:15am- Breakfast: Oven Pancakes (aka. Dutch Babies). One of our very favorites. My recipe is an adaptation of the one in The Joy Of Cooking.

11:30am-All done with our check-up at the dentist! When did my kids get so old? (On a side note, I really really wish I had a picture of Elliot about ten minutes after this photo was taken. He accidentally let his balloon go in the Target parking lot. So so sad!)

12:38pm- On the way home from Target. Love seeing my sweet boy in the backseat.

1:46pm- I really really need to get started on the dishes...

2:52pm- Packing up a cd of photos to send to a client.

3:40pm- An afternoon game of Chutes + Ladders.

5:57pm- Our long hallway is perfect for racing cars.

8:42pm- My little word for the year. I got these great paper mache letters at JoAnn's- can't decide if I want to paint them on not.

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