Ten on Ten :: October

10:13am- A good reminder on my bedroom window sill

11:10am- Daddy pancakes, complete with chocolate chips and sprinkles!

12:26pm- A good reminder on this month's calendar page

1:22pm- Working on her science notebook

2:12pm- Hard at work painting a history art project

3:13pm-Believe it or not, this picture was not posed! I caught them siting like this.

6:08pm- A little peek at our homeschool corner

7:14pm- Telling a bedtime story to the family

7:14pm- She gets a little bit silly + dramatic. I love it.

8:15pm- A little homeschool planning


For more information about Ten on Ten, please visit here!   

P.S. I am so sorry I have been so MIA lately! It hasn't been the easiest of months and I really struggle at times with knowing how much to share in this space. Thank you for your patience and for sticking around while I figure it out. And if I owe you an email or a phone call....they're coming!   xo


  1. I love that picture of them sitting back to back! That one needs to be framed!

  2. This may be my favorite 10 on 10 yet! I love it! Only we need a picture of you next time, sweet girl! XOXO!

  3. Photos of my adorable kiddos is always a lovely sight. (I must say I thought the daddy pancakes were sugar cookies at first!)
    Uffdah! How are we to the middle of October already? :)

  4. Your kiddos are getting so big, Andi! Precious photos!

  5. great photos! How do you like your homeschool curriculum?

  6. You are always so good about remembering Ten on Ten...I always forget until I see yours - Geesh.
    Love the picture of the two kids back-back.
    I am with Susan WHERE HAS OCTOBER GONE?

  7. beautiful photographs!
    thanks for dropping by my blog!
    love your blog so much!
    isn't Sonlight awesome?!
    we just finished reading Island of the Blue Dolphins last night! a MUST READ for later, we all lOVED IT! I highly recommend this Core F!