hello August

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Hello August.

Hello to things slowly getting back to normal.

Hello huge piles of laundry and grocery lists a mile long.

Hello to finally making that summer to-do list with the kids. Only one more month of slow summery days left and I want to soak them up for all their worth.

Hello to grilling every single night we can.

Hello to swimming pools and park splash pads.

Hello to curriculum planning for our upcoming year of preschool and kindergarten.

Hello to taking the time to process everything from the past two weeks. Life has felt a little bit surreal and I really need to slow down and allow myself to reflect more.

Hello to getting the privilege of shooting my childhood best friend's wedding at the end of the month. I seriously can't wait.

Hello to lots of trip to our favorite farm and u-pick berries and tomatoes.

Hello to a possible camping trip as a family. Hoping, hoping it actually happens.

Hello homemade popsicles. Do you have any good recipes to share?

Hello to finally getting around to organizing our hall closet. It needs it. Big time.

Hello to visits from dear friends.

Hello to busting out the camera as much as possible this month. I have hardly touched it the past two weeks and that feels so weird.

Hello to actually finishing my book club book in time to host it in a few weeks.

Hello to trying to see the sunrise at least once this month.

Hello August. I am so glad you are here.


  1. Andi, one of our favorite treats was chocolate milkshakes made from frozen bananas, chocolate syrup and a splash of milk all whirled up in a blender. Oooh that is actually making me crave it now! You can eat it like a milkshake or freeze as popsicles. Heathy and fun and really really yummy :) Hello to a wonderful August to you!


  2. hello beautiful lady! your month sounds lovely and therapeutic. soak it all in. but when you need to curl back up and take a break, do that too. love you!

  3. I love you, Andi. I have been thinking about you & praying for you much sweet, dear Friend!!! I miss you. Would you please text me your address? Your heart is amazing, and you inspire me to relish these last short weeks of slow, Summer days and long nights. I need to plan a date here for Ken ... thinking of you & your dinner at 8's with Erik as motivation! Perhaps hanging some mason jars with tea lights inside them & having berry cobbler over homemade ice cream outside should be in the works..?? ;) And maybe a love letter hidden under his chair? ;) You are sure dear to me & I would love to go with you to the farms to pick berries & tomatoes as we help our helpers help us (hahah) and talk under the sun. Hugs!!!! And so much love... to you all!!

  4. hello beautiful you! loved this little glimpse into your beautiful heart and world praying for you my dear and looking forward to more glimpses into your month as your feel lead to share! xoxo

  5. Love you Andi! I hope August is lovely and exactly what you need. xo