Today I still can't believe that I photographed my very first wedding this last Saturday! It was such an incredible day and such a huge honor! Thank you Bob + Andi for trusting me with your special day! And thank you so much to my dear friend Chelle who was my second shooter. She was amazing and we had so much fun together! And now I have about a bazillion photos to edit...

Today I still can't believe how absolutely exhausted and sore I was when I woke up on Sunday morning. I seriously did not expect that. Who knew that being a wedding photographer was such a good workout?

Today I am taking a deep breath. The past week and a half have been absolutely CRAZY! This is what the past 10 days have looked like- family comes into town to celebrate E + E's birthdays, Elliot's 4th birthday party, a big extended family birthday party, Erik's birthday, Elliot's birthday, and then the wedding. And we still have our 11th anniversary to celebrate this Friday! Whew. It has all been so much fun, but I am so so tired! And I feel so behind on everything- emails, phone calls, blog posts, editing...Looking forward to catching up on as much as I can this week!

Today I am loving our little garden. We finally got around to planting most of our seeds + plants yesterday; the start of our garden has been like a month long process! But we are not too focused on success with it this year- it is definitely one big experiment and we are having so much fun with it so far. So far our 16 little squares include sweet peas, a sunflower, peppers, daisies, two different kinds of lettuce, zinnias, basil, and zucchini. I am still planning on planting some strawberries, tomatoes, butter lettuce, and one more kind of flower.

Today I am loving the sunshine! It is finally (finally!) feeling like summer today!

Today my kids pulled the living room curtains completely down while they were playing "ballet recital". I wasn't too happy about that.

Today I feel like one more cup of coffee.

Today I am hoping to catch up on our enormous pile of dirty laundry downstairs.

Today I was sad about sending back the wonderful lens I rented for the wedding. It was pretty sweet. I was not at all sad about sending back the flash I rented though. I don't know if it was me and my lack of knowledge or the flash itself, but we did not have the best of relationships. As someone who has steered clear of flash photography of any kind the past few years, it was hard for me to embrace it for an indoor wedding. Any flash photography tips, dear photographer friends? If I am going to keep on shooting weddings, I definitely need more practice in that area. Oh, and if you are looking for any kind of camera equipment to rent, I had a really great experience with BorrowLenses! Super fast shipping, a big selection, and excellent customer service!

Today I still can't stop thinking about this post from a couple of weeks ago. So so convicting.

Today I am trying not to finish all the hot tamales leftover from Elliot's birthday party.

Today I am trying to think of a sweet baby shower gift for a sweet friend's shower tomorrow night. They are in the midst of both an overseas adoption AND an overseas move right now, so I want to think of something that will really, really bless her. And if you think of it, please pray for them. I can't even imagine going through as much transition as they are facing the next couple of months!

Today I wish the day had 10 more hours than it did.

Today I can't seem to keep Elliot from turning on the water outside. And I don't trust him with a spray hose in his hands.

Today Audrey is busy washing her dolls' clothes outside in a bucket. She was inspired by this book.

Today I am loving loving loving all of the beautiful photography here and the beautiful videos here. So inspiring! This one is my very favorite.

Today this post ended up being a lot longer and wordy than I meant it to be.

Today I have a million + one more things to say, but I need to turn off the computer and get to work!

What are you up to today?

P.S. Check back here later tonight for my latest Dinner at Eight post, just a couple of days late...


  1. If you really had 10 more hours added to TODAY would you really be up to it?
    A + E just totally crack me up :)
    Just love your "TODAY" posts!
    Today I am still at home under the weather...watching Project Runway - it amazes me the creativity of those designers....resisting the urge to go out and plant my second row of seeds....but I will go out to sit in the warmth outside away from distractions and study up on Calvinism vs Arminianism.
    Just a "Mama" word = go easy on yourself about "catching up" this week.
    Love you

  2. Today I would like 10 more hours too! And a cup of coffee. Hey, the American Girl sale is in a couple of weeks- I have tickets but I'm only going if you want something. Otherwise I'll give them away. Let me know! xo

  3. Thanks for posting about us! Trust me - your gift already blessed me SO MUCH! I love the book and I hope we can get more time together before my departure :) Thanks friend.