over last weekend :: part one (the family edition)

Avocado toast for Saturday lunch. It is one of Audrey + my favorites. Just avocado, bread, and a little salt + pepper. Perfect. 

I spent an insane amount of time driving around on Saturday afternoon from store to store looking for all the components of the soil for our square foot garden. I should have called ahead, but oh, well. In the end, I was super proud of how inexpensively I was able to buy everything! 

A Saturday evening park date with the cousins. They really enjoyed watching the daddies play tennis.And we are all really loving summertime weather and how much more often we are seeing each other!

Sweet Hollyn Joy.

Audrey and her lovely braids that I can't get enough of.

My first full weekend of flip-flop wearing because it was finally warm enough. Yay! 

Packaging photo disks to go to sweet clients.

My little helper. She was in charge of stapling. 

All of our garden stuff mixed in with the kids' toys. Our Sunday morning was spent mixing up the soil for our garden, and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the whole process! Maybe I do have a green thumb after all! We'll see...

Mr. Elliot playing with one of my favorite purchases from Farm Chicks on Sunday afternoon (more details +  photos about that to come in part two!). Who knew that a typewriter would be the perfect thing to entertain an almost four year old boy? He loves it! 

How was your weekend, dear friends?


  1. I love Audrey's braids! And your typewriter looks like quite a find. Glad your garden is on its way... I planted for the first time this year, too, in garden boxes that Karl built. So far, so good. We've already got lettuce and spinach ready for salads!

  2. I think that you are going to really, really LOVE gardening Andi, and the kids too; it is SO addictive, and theraputic!
    Can't wait to see you all tomorrow! <3 MOM

  3. How did I miss this post and great photos? You know how I LOVE getting photo glimpses of your day(s)! Love, Love, Love.