{felt + fabric flowers made by the lovely Jess}

Hello sweet friends! If you are coming from my old blog, Tales of a Crafty Mama, thank you so much for following me here! I can't wait to show you around. And if you are a brand new reader, welcome to you too! 

I am really excited about this new little space, Beautiful Ordinary Day. When I started Tales of a Crafty Mama a little over five years ago, I initially began that blog as a place for me to share my love of crafts. It is a familiar story that I hear repeated often online- I was a new mama (my sweet Audrey was only two months old!) and late one night while I was up nursing, I stumbled upon the amazing world of craft blogs. I decided right then and there to start my own! I had this silly idea that I was going to have loads of free time to create now that I was a stay at home mama.

Well, time quickly proved otherwise. I was busy, especially when my little boy Elliot came along only 21 months after Audrey. And as much as I loved crafts (at that time, mostly scrapbooking + knitting), soon I was blogging about so much more than creating layouts + knitting hats. I documented all the little things my kids did, the trips we took, weekly small joys, and I began to get more and more serious about my photography. And I found that more than anything, I loved finding beauty in the everyday ordinary things around me. I began to blog from that place in my heart.

But the name of my blog annoyed me. So much. It seems like such a little thing, but as the years (!) went on, I felt frustrated with how it just wasn't me. I felt like my writing + my photos were me, but not my name. So I thought long and hard about what I would want my blog to be named. Finally, one night a month or so ago, it came to me: Beautiful Ordinary Day.

And here we are.


A fresh start. A brand new blog.

I am so excited! 

I am excited to see what is in store for this new little space. I am not really planning on changing my style at all- if you were a fan of Tales of a Crafty Mama, don't be alarmed! However, I am planning on posting much more often. I have taken on a couple of photography projects this year: 365 and Project Life, (which I will write more about soon) and so I hope to keep up on posting a photo or more from each day. (Of course, you have probably noticed I am already a bit behind- those back posts should be up in the next few days!)

And I am curious- what would YOU like to see more of? What things did you love about Tales of a Crafty Mama?

Thank you again so much for joining me here!
I am seriously SO excited! 
xo Andi


  1. I really LOVE your banner....Is that one of your pictures?

  2. Super exciting! Love this. It's so very you! The best part of "Tales of a Crafty Mama" was Andi Mae, for sure. So, please keep her around. ;)
    Love you sweet lady!

  3. Love it Andi!!!! And good for you to make the change since it was driving you crazy with the old. =) I enjoy reading all your posts and watching your family grow and your journey!!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hip, hip hooray! I love how every single detail about this lovely new corner of yours is so perfectly you dear. xo

  5. Could not be more excited about this! Popping imaginary champagne for you and bookmarking you for my daily indulgence. : ) It's beautiful!

  6. Love, love, love this too! Just thinking about it the other day and wondering when you were going to do the big reveal! It is beautiful and I agree with Chelle...it is totally you! Can't wait to read more! And I am so impressed you have all these posts up already! And more of something? Well, your writing is wonderful so more of that of course and your photos are really my favorite! You can tell a whole story with one image..such a gift!

  7. HOORaY Andi! It's looking really great around here. And the name--it's perfect! Congrats on all the new goals and posts and photos. Can't even wait to see everything unfold.

    And love the pic of the fabric flowers!! You captured them so well!

  8. the thing I love most about this post ...
    it says your going to post more often - yay!!
    cute new digs Andi

    ps. am loving audrey's long hair a lot:)

  9. Hooray!!! Love it. It's so totally you. Adding your new spot to my google reader right now...

  10. I love the new blog title. I love your perspective about the little things in life. And I love you!

  11. Welcome to your new space, Andi - it seems to fit you so well and I am looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful photography. (Also, I thought the "I have a little secret" post was a photo of a baby's nursery!)

  12. your new space is lovely, andi. doesn't it feel amazing to start fresh sometimes? i'm glad you went for it, and i am looking forward to reading your heartfelt words and seeing all the beauty you continue to capture through your lens. you blogging = a blessing and a gift to me and so many others. thank you. xo

  13. I was wondering where you went to! Glad I found you. I loved your old blog and look forward to more wonderful things here.

  14. I love your new spot in blogland, and your banner is so perfectly you! Yay for more posts from Andi!!

  15. Yay! =) So glad I found you... I'm updating my blog roll and google reader now. What a beautiful spot to visit...

  16. Andi I love your thoughts, reflections, photos & endearing spirit towards life--that's what I love about your blog. It looks lovely and I'm glad you went through with the change. --kamille