ten on ten :: january 2013

...once a month on the tenth taking a photo an hour for ten consecutive hours
 finding life and beauty in the ordinary things of our day to day...

9:01am- I think I am really going to need this coffee today! I have never been a huge coffee drinker, but ever since I became a mama of three, it has become much more of a necessity!


11:44am- Learning to press into Him now more than ever.

12:50pm- We are all about UNO around here these days!

2:05pm- Naptime. I am seriously so spoiled. Eliza is the best baby sleeper we have ever had.

2:51pm- Catching up on some school reading with the big kids while the littlest one is napping.

3:53pm- Helping mama make our favorite snack.

4:59pm- A drawing of the cover of one of her favorite books.

5:51pm- Making this yummy soup for dinner tonight!

6:43pm- Finishing up our pretzals.

I have loved participating in this fun monthly project with Rebekah the past few years! For more details about Ten on Ten, please see HERE

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  1. Beautiful! I especially love the Just Being Audrey illustration, of course! Can't wait to see you and your sweeties!

  2. So fun! I love her sweet drawing! :) em

  3. Audrey's drawing is amazing!! But why doesn't that surprise me? :) And I love your cheerful coffee mug!

  4. I always appreciate my girls being back to blogging; I lOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

  5. Just beautiful. Over here from Rebekah's site, and I love the realness and the beauty of your every day.

    And, the picture of your daughter leveling off the flour? So precious.