july 4

Sleeping in (thank you, sweet husband!)
Restful, peaceful morning at home
Trying to be patient, waiting for my sweet Eliza to get here, but it is getting harder + harder! 
Yucky migraine = afternoon nap
Dinner at Erik's parents
Lots and lots of sitting + talking- my favorite! 
Lots and lots cousins playing together
Playing in the hot tub
First time the kids got to do sparklers! So much fun!
Fireworks (thank you so much, Mooma + Grandpa!)
Kids right to bed when we got home
Late night movie watching + snacks 
A good day. 

Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July too! 


  1. Sounds SO fun!
    My fave pix = Audrey + Parker (he's getting to be quite a handsome young man), all the kids around the hot tub, and Griffin - he is such a crack up!
    Oma Linda is anxious for Little Miss Eliza to make her debut!
    Love you

  2. Looks like you had a great Fourth! I love all of the pictures of the cousins together. Hopefully your next post will include pictures of baby Eliza!

  3. Wow, is everyone beautiful!

  4. Andi, I LOVE all of these fourth of july pictures of the cousins! So great!