Eliza Grace

One week ago today everything changed. 
Our beautiful girl came into the world.
To say we all fell madly in love would be an understatement. 
She has definitely captured all of our hearts. 
We have spent the last seven days adjusting to being a family of five. 
And while it is not without it's hiccups, I am feeling so very, very happy and blessed. 

Eliza Grace, my sweet daughter, 
We are so very glad you are here. 

Here are some little peeks of our first week together, via my iphone...



  1. Precious! Welcome sweet blessing!

  2. Such a full to the brim week, yes?!

  3. also...
    The top of this post looks like a printable announcement; is it?
    Happy 1st week Eliza

  4. You are SO in love :)
    She is the Sweetest little one EVER :)

  5. She is so sweet! And so beautiful!
    Congratulations to all of you.

  6. She's darling! Looks just like a little Asbee! :) Enjoy theses sweet first few weeks and rest lots!

  7. She's beautiful! She definitely looks like an Asbjornsen! Congratulations to all of you!

  8. Aaaaaaaaaah!!! I've been checking all week long for a first glimpse of her and this first glimpse made me gasp. It totally took my breath away!


    Oh, Andi! She's a little YOU, and Erik, and Audrey, and Elliot...especially Elliot.

  9. I love seeing how in love with her you are. Not that we all aren't a little. xo

  10. Definitely am missing you all. I already need a baby fix.
    Give all the kids smooches from Oma!
    I really do LOVE these pix...I have the first one as my desktop photo on my work computer ;)

  11. This child, this Gift, this Treasure is so very beautiful. My prayers for you all at this time of 'enlarging your borders' as a family.

    Multitudinous blessings on one and all. May your joy be full even in the dark of the occasional long nights ahead.