Ten on Ten :: January 2012

7:59am- Making lunches for school. Tuesdays are one of the two days a week my kids are out at school rather than at home. Peanut butter and honey for Audrey, peanut butter and strawberry jam for Elliot.

8:59am- Dropping these two lovely ladies off at the homeschool enrichment center for classes.

10:03am- Chai tea and phone in hand, ready to make some calls

10:54am- Writing down some thoughts

11:52am- Heading down the hill after picking Elliot up from preschool

1:01pm- My little mister going down the slide at the school playground.

...the three hours when I forgot to take pictures...

4:05pm- Heading home from the grocery store

5:19pm- Audrey's drawing of Mary Poppins. I am absolutely in love with it!

6:24pm- Elliot brushing his teeth

7:36pm- A great reminder on my fridge (from this blog) and my new favorite magnets from a dear Aussie friend.

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  1. That is a darling picture of Mary Poppins :)
    I was just thinking today, "I miss Andi's blogging." Glad to see your post.
    By the way, that Little Mister looks like be's grown!

  2. The Mary Poppins portrait is amazing! Looks like you've got quite the artist on your hands!

  3. The mary poppins drawing is great!

  4. Love the missing tooth! Too cute! Great set

  5. Love the last fridge pic and the colors.

  6. ooh, jealous of your dottie angel notebook ;) Love this set

  7. Hi Andi,

    I wanted to respond to the comment you left on my blog (thanks!) about the Precepts Bible studies and wasn't sure if you'd see it on my page. I LOVE them. I've done Daniel (it's awesome) and Revelation and am now on Isaiah. It's looong, but I really like the radio feeds to go along with each lesson, and I'm kind of a detail freak so I have way more fun with all the colored pencil markings than I think a normal person is supposed to. ;)

    I've never done them in a group, but a few of my friends have and they like that setting as well. I kind of enjoy doing them on my own. Let me know if you have any other questions about study guides or the sites for audio feed, etc.

    Oh, and enjoy Downton! The second season is amazing. (The first episode is up on PBS.com)


  8. Your kids are adorable! The backseat and teethbrushing photos are my favorites. Great set!

  9. My faces-- Elliot sliding and brushing and Audreys Mary Poppins--In my minds eye I still see the drawing I did back when ithe movie first came out!

  10. It takes me awhile to correct my typos :)
    My faves, not faces!

  11. I thought I followed with a correction, but I guess not...
    My comment was "My faves..." not "My faces..." :)