the first day :: homeschool

This week was a huge week of firsts. 
First day of soccer for Audrey.
First day of preschool as a four year old for Elliot.
First day of homeschooling. 

But that was just for preschool. 
Kindergarten is the big time.
We still have lots of fun + games + art projects (Audrey lives for the art projects!)
But there are a bit more expectations now.
Like practicing reading + writing + math every day, not just when you feel like it. 

It has been a big adjustment this week. 
We are creating our new normal, our new family rhythms. 
And that is not always easy, 
Especially when it is still in the 80s outside and you just want to play!

But despite the adjustments, 
we have seriously had so much fun. 
I can't wait for this year 
and all that we are going to learn 
and how we are going to grow as a little family.

Here are some peeks at what our first day looked like...

early morning visit from Mooma
mini-photoshoot with mama
making a science notebook for her favorite doll
Kit was very involved in the whole day
excited about new school books! 
the day's art project- alligator As
 journaling about dinosaurs
building a fort in the backyard
after bedtime pajama ice-cream run (a first day of school tradition)

Yes, it really was a good day.


  1. So sweet! It looks like you had a lovely first day! These new routines are a killer, aren't they? We still haven't gotten into a rhythm yet!

  2. AWESOME! You flat out rock, Andi!!! So excited for you & definitely going to be looking to your amazing blog for fun homeschooling ideas. We're starting down here too! Love you tons dear Friend!!

  3. Well I'm certainly glad to hear that Kit is getting a good education, too! Have fun with your kindergartener!