7 on 10 :: August

Today ended up being a lot busier than I thought it would be. It seemed like we were running around all day and I kept on either forgetting to take my camera places or forgetting to take pictures all together! But here is a small little glimpse of our day...  

9:15am- Elliot is caught red-handed trying to make a pirate fort on my bed; it all went down while I was in the shower. The best part was hearing him yell "Ahoy!" over and over again. That boy is so stinkin' cute. 

10:22am- My sweet girl's braids. I love them. 

11:22am- At the park with friends. An iced coffee from Starbucks with my own creamer from home. Awesome.

1:13pm- Ice-cream date with Mooma (Grandma). We found a place that has $1 kids' cones that come with sprinkles- the kids were happy, I was happy. Perfect. And great conversation with my mother-in-law too!

2:46pm- Costco run. Picking up photos, olive oil, and corn chips. Oh, and "zamples" (aka. samples ala Audrey). We love zamples. 

4:01pm- We've been listening to Anne of Green Gables on cd in the car and we are all in love. More on that tomorrow! 

6:13pm- Roasted potatoes for small group tonight

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  1. Looks like a really fun day :)
    Gotta love that Little Mister.

  2. Those ice cream cones look amazing! I like the Costco cart shot as well.

  3. Love "zamples" too! I am a huge Anne of Green Gables fan.

  4. Your kids are so adorable, Andi. I just love those little blondies! Glad you had a lovely day together! Miss you!

  5. coming over from 10 on 10:: love the sneaky pirate! We love listening to books on tape in our family too...what fun! (and while I took 10 pictures, I certainly didn't get one from each hour...shhhh!)

  6. Your day is sweet, innocent, and oh so real. I really enjoyed the cosco picture. The lines of the long summer legs and the metal bars make for perfect composition.

    You have a lovely blog!


  7. Love your quilt and your daughter's braids :)

  8. Aw, I love this. Sometimes I really wish I was a part of your family! You have the best time doing the simplest things! It was so special to see you yesterday! Love you much!

  9. I used to fix my own hair as a girl and I had a bunch of those hair ties and remember getting so frustrated with them! Beautiful set!