over last weekend

Just in time before a new weekend arrives! 

A little sneak peek from a super, super sweet family shoot I did out of town last weekend. This family was seriously as fun and darling in person as they look in this picture!  (And there are lots more to come soon, Cherish! I promise!) 

Another sneak peek from another darling family shoot I did on the same day. This family also happened to include a really dear friend of mine who I hardly ever get to see. It was such a blessing to be able to catch up in person a bit! 

Audrey Bug helping me make food for Erik and my date. She was buttering garlic bread.

Our pasta sauce cooking.

My sweet husband working on the wood frame for our square foot garden.

The frame in it's new home.

A beautiful tree in our yard. I love spring so much.

A + E's plants from preschool that are going to be transplanted soon into our backyard garden. Elliot's is a sweet pea, Audrey's is a sunflower.

Getting to see this lovely friend again at the tail-end of her girls' weekend with my sister-in-laws- Amy + Kelsey. I love that I am not the only one in my family who has met some of my very best friends through blogging! 

The four sisters together. I also got to meet Courtney for the very first time. (Here is a little background about how they all met...)

Kelsey + her twin! 

The grandkids following their great-grandpa Opa out on a hike on my in-laws' property. 

Jenn and her sweet Ashlyn.

Memorial Day BBQ at a dear friend's. I love how she decorates her back patio. 

Yummy food.

And the best cherry pie I have ever, ever tasted. 

What are you up to this weekend? 
Hope you have a great one! 


  1. Those pictures are amazing!!! You have so much talent Andi

  2. That top picture is so precious Andi. way to go... all I can think is that is one blessed family.

  3. I adore your over the weekend posts. But then who am I kidding, I adore every single one of your posts. The pictures as always, like you beautiful friend, are oh so sweet + amazing. xo

  4. Beautiful! Love you friend!

  5. What do I love? My kids blog posts!! Looking at this on my phone! Eager to see and read full size! Love you. Have a splendid SUNNY weekend. :)

  6. These are great pics, Andi....as usual!
    Really love the one of the kids with Opa Ron.
    <3 Mom :)