Today I am loving putting my Pandora on "Quickmix". So, so good.
Today my little family is blissfully happy to be able to play outside all day long. Mama is too. That is until the rain sends us inside...
Today I am still pretty excited about that little change (see photo above) I made recently. A dear friend said it best when she said, "And this from the girl who won't even dye her hair!?"
Today I am putting the final touches on part two of this week's Dinner at Eight. (I know I promised to post it today, but I'm sorry to say, you'll just have to wait until Monday!)
Today was my little ones' preschool picnic. Audrey had so much fun running around like crazy with her friends; Elliot was cold and clingy.
Today I am prepping for a busy day with tomorrow with two family photoshoots out of town. I am super behind in posting shoots on my photography blog, so if you want to take a peek at what I've been up to lately, please check out my facebook page!
Today I am dreaming about planting our squarefoot garden this weekend. If only the rain will hold out...
Today my heart is aching a lot for situations that I just have to keep on putting in God's hands.
Today I am so grateful for all this beautiful book has been teaching me about trust.
Today I am seriously savoring leftovers of this yummy dessert that a dear friend made for me yesterday (you have to try that frosting-!). She filled up my heart and my stomach!
Today this was just the reminder I needed.
Today I am looking forward to a long weekend.
Today I am so excited for church this Sunday. Our sermon series on Jonah has been just what I have needed to hear lately.
Today I want to make one of these. Actually I wish I could make one for each and every one of you!
Today I loved seeing this sweet friend's kids' bedroom on Ohdeedoh! So exciting!
Today I am getting super nervous and super excited about shooting my first wedding in THREE weeks!
Today I am dreaded (with a capital D) a dear friend's upcoming move.
Today I am loving going to the teeny tiny library versus the bigger one we usually go to. The little space is so much easier to handle with both kids- I never have to worry about them running off and getting lost, which equals a lot less stress for mama! Now if only it were closer...
Today I am really, really wishing for a running buddy.
Today I can't wait to share with you all the God has been working on in my heart lately. Hopefully I can get around to sharing a little more next week...
Today I am wishing for that lovely peony plant that I saw at Costco last night. Oh, it was so lovely.
Today I am hoping that all of you have a wonderful wonderful weekend!

What are you up to today?


  1. sweet day my friend and LOVE the new addition :) I had a nose ring in college (and a tongue ring too - gasp!) I have always loved them and it suits you just perfectly!! can't wait to see how your date went on Monday I hope you guys have a great weekend! xo

  2. That picture of you just melted me. You are so very lovely, and you managed to capture it in a snapshot! I love your words, and your heart, and I'm sorry that there are things that seem out of your control right now! Love this sweet glimpse into your life. Keep 'em coming!

  3. Thank you for sharing your day.
    I love your nose jewel...suits you good.

  4. Wish I could be your running Buddy and we could talk and talk and talk about the book and life and I could soak up your sweet heart on everything! Miss you tons, dear Andi!!
    P.S. LOVE the piercing! :) :)

  5. oh love love love the list...
    running buddies, sfg, peony plants, and off to try quickmix myself..

    and the pic.. finally... your so darn cute. I still haven't heard Chelle's reaction. I need too.

  6. At first I thought the second picture was of your sister... you risk-taker, you! Love it. And I love your list. And I love you.