Today I am so glad we had leftover Roasted Vegetable Quesadillas from last night. I had them for lunch and they were awesome.
Today I love listening to my little ones play + laugh together.
Today I finally found the perfect Easter dress for Audrey.
Today I am still reflecting back on church this last Sunday. It was so good. I really, really love our church.
Today I am really hoping to catch up on emails....
Today I am still feeling pretty blissed out about my brand new camera.
Today I am trying to slow down and really think about Jesus + what Easter is really all about.
Today I owe at least five people phone calls.
Today I am feeling so very blessed.
Today I am going to try to workout. It has been waaaaaaaay too long.
Today I am feeling so happy about this sweet girl finally being here!
Today I just want to sit and read the new book I started yesterday. Really lovely so far.
Today I am loving Audrey's hair in two braids. They make me smile every time I see them.
Today I am thinking about making these for my man tonight.
Today I wish I was better at blog commenting. Kind of goes hand in hand with my emailing struggle...
Today I am feeling so overwhelmed by how good God is.
Today I am feeling completely pursued by Him.
Today I miss friends who live too far away.
Today I am really trying hard not to eat too much sugar.
Today I love seeing how God answers prayers.
Today my almost four year old is testing me BIG TIME.
Today I am shooting for an early bedtime for the kids. Yes, that would be a very, very good idea.
Today I am looking forward to watching Parenthood tonight. Can you tell I am a little bit obsessed with that show?
Today I love hearing Elliot talk about Jesus. My favorite is when he tells the story of Jesus calming the sea and says, "Peace, be still,"  but it comes out more like, "Peas be thill." I just love him.
Today I can't stop thinking about what love really is. Studying the book of 1 John is teaching + convicting me so much.
Today I hear birds singing outside.
Today I still can't get over the snow we had yesterday. It was so weird!
Today I am really glad we haven't planted our garden yet. It would have froze yesterday.
Today I have a million and one photos to edit. I think editing is the most overwhelming part of being a photographer.
Today is slipping by and what do I have to show for it?
Today I am taking lots of deep breaths.
Today I am feeling content.


  1. love this. love you. miss you too...
    and I made those banana bite things the other day.they were good and were gobbled up quickly...

    content is good. Love you.

  2. Today I love reading about your sweet life. Today I miss you. Today I'm glad to hear that your new camera is fabulous!

  3. Thanks for sharing your "Today"...I enjoy reading these.
    I must say "ditto" to being completely "pursued" by God...Fasting and praying these past several weeks have opened my spirit in a way I don't think that I have experienced before.
    You are right, God is awesomely GOOD.
    BTW: I love Parenthood too, even Rick has gotten into it :)
    Love you

  4. Pleased for all the positives and for the rest, "Peas be thill." :)