a shower for baby Lucy

I have a beautiful friend named Chelle. She is truly one of the kindest, most generous people you will ever meet. 

In just a few weeks her newest little one will arrive. A sweet baby girl named Lucy. 

And oh, we just can't wait to meet her! 

  {The invitation to the shower- this photo is from Chelle's blog}

This last weekend our little group of friends (Courtney, Chantel, Amy, Becca, and me) gave Chelle + baby Lucy a shower. So much love went into that afternoon! We all had so much fun planning the whole thing for her! 
Our inspirations were the colors in the quilt Chelle is making for Lucy and this sweet birthday party we found online.

{handmade hoop art by Becca}


{a sewing area set up to decorate onesies for Lucy}

{Lucy Cakes (chocolate cupcakes) in a jar by Courtney}

{all the beautiful cookies were made by Becca}

{mini blueberry pies by me}

{my onesie for baby Lucy}

{by Charis}

{by Courtney}

{My sweet Audrey made this pink onesie- I was so proud of her!}

{another one by Courtney}


  1. Yeah, this needs to be submitted to a magazine! :) You should write an article about throwing a baby shower like this and submit your pictures. Amazing! The pictures are gorgeous, the decorations are amazing and sweet, and you can tell a lot of thought and love went into this shower!

  2. This is so beautiful! I love all of it. So many sweet, thoughtful details!

  3. I am truly overwhelmed at how talented you all are. Everything is just so beautiful and imaginative. I agree with Mrs Taft....this could be in a magazine!!

  4. I love these photos, they show what looks like a really beautiful time amongst great friends. What a sweet idea of making the onsies at the shower. I love your decorating and your little pies look scrumptious!
    I didn't know that Chelle was expecting again.
    It was so AWESOME to see Crista there with Ella!!

  5. Serious beautiful lovely eye candy...
    I gasped.. Magazine worthy shower. Seriously.

    I love it all. You girls are the talentest group of women I have ever every met.

    And to Chelles face... seriously made me tear up.... I don't know why... but today felt close....

    and serious love was poured out ...
    love this so much.

    So so much.

  6. Tears, and smiles through them. Every singe picture and detail just radiated beauty and love and such incredible artistry.

    It felt like a devotional to look at! So full of kindness and beauty.

    SO beautiful.

  7. Andi, you are incredible!! I LOVE this shower :) I honestly started reading the blog thinking you had copied & pasted a picture from a website, then continued down & saw how creative you & your friends are :) I'm sure your friend felt the love seeing all the time & effort you gals put into making this shower special!! I totally agree with the above comments....submit it to a magazine!!!

  8. cutest baby shower ever! I love you friend and your gorgeous, creative heart and all the details here are most certainly magazine worthy!!! xoxo

  9. OH. MY. GOODNESS. Andi, you just radiate the most thoughtful, beautiful, precious love & creativity!!!! I love this post & all your beautiful pictures and the amazing colors and love that just pour out of each one. Soooooo fun! What a fantastic shower you threw! (I am inspired and now would love the privelege of hosting a shower for an expecting baby so I can snag your ideas!) How did you make those awesome blueberry heart pies??!!!! Oh teach me your ways! I literally, am so inspired every time I read your blog. You have a gift. Love you & hope you are having a great day! Hey... would you have time/want to get together sometime in the next few weeks? Ken leaves the 21st, but the kids & I will be here til the end of the month. If it doesn't work, no worries, we'll probably be back in town in April & May and can hopefully plan something then that might work if something doesn't for this month. Love you & sending hugs your way sweet, beautiful Friend!

  10. absolutely beautiful and perfect! i loved all of the many sweet details and i bet chelle was just over the moon feeling the love from you ladies! thank you for sharing, andi!

  11. Oh.my.word! This is Randi from Swoon... I love love love how you incorporated some of the details from Addie's picnic party! Amazing job! This is proof that ideas get better and better the more they're used-you definitely improved on them! Do you mind if I post a link to this tomorrow?
    Randi- http://swoonstudio.blogspot.com

  12. amazing! what love and care was put into this shower! the attention to detail was superb and the effect is sweet and gorgeous. what a lovely welcoming and celebration for baby lucy.

    i agree with the above comments - magazine worthy! submit these photos somewhere!

  13. wow, what a fun shower. i want to be in your gang of girlfriends!

  14. Wow Andi this is completely gorgeous! Chelle must have been swept off her feet! I LOVE every single picture. Especially the one of Chelle and Annabelle walking through the door. I almost felt like I was there. ;)

    And that table. WOW! Every single detail is so lovely and so very Chelle. The little button cookies are so darling. What a great idea. And please share the recipe for your little blueberry pies.

    Can't wait to meet Miss Lucy. Miss you girls so much. xo

  15. This was just so special. I'm so lucky to have such creative and talented friends. I think we got our sweet Chelle to a T. Thank you for capturing this so beautifully!

  16. Andi,
    This is so beautiful! I am a "wannabe entertainer/can I throw your party for a living?" dreamer and I LOVED looking at all of your gorgeous ideas brought to life...how inspiring! Hope you and your little family is doing great. xoxo

  17. oh my! this might just be the cutest and sweetest baby shower i have ever seen. i bet the mama-to-be was overwhelmed and absolutely thrilled with all of it!

  18. What's that? These pictures got pinned? I wonder who ever by?! ;-)

  19. Dreamy. Absolutely dreamy. Chelle is so blessed to have you ladies in her life!!

  20. That sweet, sweet afternoon and the pictures of it are like something out of a dream...except for the fact that they are thanks to you precious girls, my actual real life. Which makes me pinch myself.
    It still makes me tear up to look at them and think...they love us that much and know me that well. Every single detail was love made visible + overwhelmingly perfect. Thank you, thank you more than I could ever express. xo

  21. This is exactly what a baby shower should be like. All the details were completely amazing--I felt like I was there laughing along with you ladies. What a wonderful welcome for baby Lucy!

  22. Thanks for posting, Andi! It was a lovely party. Sorry I had to miss it, but the photos made me almost feel like I was there. :-)

  23. Andi--your pictures are ethereal and I always want to be in the place you've captured. What a fun baby shower, from the cookies to blueberry pie to decorating onesies. Truly beautiful!

  24. Gorgeous shower and absolutely amazing pics! (hope you don't mind if I sneak a couple for my tumblr (www.takejoy.tumblr.com), with credit & links to you of course!) I love your work and think you are blessed with an amazing group of friends! :)

  25. I found your blog via Pinterest. I now want to have a baby, so I can email this to my friends, so this can be my baby shower.... ok, maybe a little much, but I LOVE it! SUCH great ideas, colors, decor and ideas!!!

  26. Found you via Pinterest. I would love to share this adorable shower on my blog!

  27. What a lovely shower! I love idea of sewing onesies for baby Lucy. So sweet.