Ten on Ten :: February

10:15am-Working on a secret little project. Stay tuned tomorrow!

11:27am- Could my sweet Elliot be any cuter? Um, no.

12:23pm- A birthday party for a dear friend.

12:24pm- I love this garland made by my friend Courtney. I think I would hang something like this up all year round, not just for Valentine's Day!

12:25pm- Flowers on Chelle's mantel. She moved a little over a week ago and already her place feels so cozy and like home.

1:55pm- Amazing birthday cookies made by Becca.

3:08pm- An box of old ballet shoes at Audrey's ballet studio.

4:59pm- My beautiful ballerina.

5:12pm-My sweet niece, Hollyn.

8:13pm- Audrey + her daddy finish of the night with a game of Chutes + Ladders. 

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  1. do i always comment about how much i adore your b&ws? how do you get them to turn out so rich and contrast-y (was that too technical for you? ;))

  2. Your 10 is simply divine. Your day is like eye candy chica. I especially love your portraits. There is such a depth of emotion to each shot.

    I'm a new follower for sure. I can't wait to see more.


  3. these are yummy yarn white sheet
    knowing Chelleys house is feeling cozy and calm...

    missing you all fiercely lately.
    and so proud.. its the 11th....
    this spot is a happy place for sure.

    praying this morning... a lot.. up alot tonight thinking about it.

  4. Gorgeous pictures. I am participating for the first time but am not a photographer. I love the one of the flowers!

  5. beautiful family and love the pictures! my favorite has to be the bright red gerber daisies... :o)

  6. Are Eric and Audrey playing Chutes and Ladders with Disney princesses? I love these little glimpses of your life!

  7. Beautiful times a billion as always...and same question as Jenny. Your black and whites are always so incredible! Secret sharing please? You are so, so talented friend!

  8. That yarn picture is genius and I love the black and white kid shots!

  9. andi, i think this was my favorite set this month. gorgeous captures, so rich with beauty, life, and love. thank you for sharing this glimpse into your day! xo

  10. I just love the picture of Erik and Audrey playing ?"Cinderella"? Too Cute!
    And let's not forget my sweet Elliot - I love the picture of him on your other post scooping out flour for your project!!! Total Cuteness :)

  11. Perfect! I love them all. Very beautiful set.

  12. How did I almost miss this! I so appreciate when you post your own photos of your own real life. So 10 on 10 is the best. Great shots of my gran-kiddos. However, I did not even recognize Hollyn!