random friday

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Random thoughts on my mind today...

  • I think I need to do a cooking-inspired photo shoot. These pictures (see above) make me so so happy.
  • Going on a date tonight with the Mister. Yes, I am aware that it is already 7:30pm. But that's okay because the little ones are already at Mooma's (aka. Grandma) house for the night. We will be meeting them out there later, but there is no rush thanks to my oh, so sweet + generous mother-in-law! Still not sure what we are doing. Maybe Thai food + a movie?
  •  Audrey + Elliot's first week of preschool went so well! Lots of pictures + details to come! But for now, they seriously loved it and mama did okay- there were a few tears, I won't deny it. And Audrey already missed a day because of the snow (yesterday)!
  • I am officially addicted to Pinterest (their server is busy, so I will link my personal pinterest later). As if I need another thing online to be addicted to... It really is a lovely little spot though and it actually does help me organize all the random inspiration I find, which is super helpful! 
  •  Busy planning a sweet baby shower for one of my besties with some other dear friends. I can't wait! It is perfectly her in every single way. 
  • Been playing around more with the settings on my camera. So fun! 
  • Another one of my besties, Nancy, won this amazing giveaway on Jess's blog this week! I am so so happy for her! On a side note, Nancy should totally have her own blog. She is one of the most creative + inspiring mamas I know! She plans the most beautiful parties for her kids and has a gorgeously decorated home. Not to mention, she encourages me in my faith every single time I talk to her. So, what do you say, Nancy? Please please pretty please??
  • Been missing my sister + brother something terrible this week. They live too far away.

Well,  there are a million and one more random things on my mind, but Erik is calling me, it is time to leave for our date! 

Happy weekend, sweet friends! 


  1. Oh :D Have fun on your date!!!! <3

  2. I would love for you to photo one of my cooking sessions:)

  3. Sounds like a perfect evening!

  4. I'm so glad the first week of preschool went well! I bet they are shining stars in their classrooms!

  5. hope you enjoy your sweetie tonight - loved reading whats on your mind this evening and have been so blessed by you this past week!

    ..and I KNOW pintrest is way too addicting but glad to see you on there! xo

  6. So pleased to hear that preschool went SO Well for all of you...SO HAPPY!
    Love you, MOM

  7. Excited that you get to have a date over Thai food with your love. Sounds perfect...love your kitchen photo shoot inspiriation! I love my shower invitation so very much. I love that preschool went so well this week, even with those bittersweet, tear-up moments. I love that Nancy won Jess's giveaway and put my vote in with you that she please start a blog. I am glad that the Pintrest addicition is one we share. And that dearie, is the end of my random comment to your sweet random Friday post.