January 3

I made our very favorite waffles this morning for breakfast, or rather, brunch. It is a recipe I got from the blog NieNie Dialogues a few years ago that has become one of my go-to recipes; I know it by heart now. The kids ask for it at least once a week.

We also jumped back into school today. We are learning about dinosaurs and the letter D!


  1. love love love this Andi.. seems to you have the freedom of not posting crafty projects and can just memory keep over here. Love this whole look too.

  2. Oh Andi, it's wonderful! I've been checking every day--I've been so excited about this!!!

  3. This sweet, beautiful + oh so perfectly Andi Mae-ish spot is making me so happy this morning!

    Loving every single new detail + corner of Beautiful Ordinary Day...:)